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Drillbit Taylor

Anonymous strikes again: Anonymous released the video Scientology doesn’t want you to see via The Pirate Bay. Distribution of The Profit was banned in the US courtesy of the Church of Scientology, but with the power of the internet, Captain Planet and Voltron, anyone with 5 gigs of hard drive space and loads of free time can watch it.

The film was described by its producers as a work of fiction, meant to educate the public about cults and con men. It was widely seen, however, as a parody of the Church of Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The main character L. Conrad Powers leads an organization called the “Church of Scientific Spiritualism”, and many elements about both the Church portrayed in the film, and Powers’ life have been compared to Scientology and Hubbard. The film was mainly produced and shot in Tampa Bay, Florida, and the cast included actors from the area and cameos from a few Scientology critics.

Suck on that Scientology.

Weekend Box Office: Drillbit Taylor over Tyler Perry and Shutter. By the way, who’s Tyler Perry and how does he come out with all these movies? Are they really as bad as they sound? My intuition tells me yes and coincidentally, so do the voters on IMDB.

21 feels a lot like The Last Casino: True, both of these are loosely based on the book Bringing Down the House about counting cards with 6 MIT students and a financial backer. Except, The Last Casino debuted in 2004 and tells the story of a professor recruiting 3 students to count cards while 21 comes out next week and tells the story of a professor recruiting 4 students to count cards.