The Anna Nicole biopic and time wasters

I hope this is straight to Lifetime because I completely deleted that channel from my tv.

  • Bastardly: Gisele Bundchen wears tinfoil
  • Drunken Stepfather: Vanessa Hudgens is a rockstar
  • CityRag: Celebrity man arms explained
  • Bossip: Best picture of Hilary Clinton ever? Yes, best picture of Hilary Clinton ever.
  • Celebslam: Kim Kardashian is now blogging
  • Celebitchy: Sheryl Crow says Jennifer Aniston dumped Brad
  • FHM: Rebecca Grant is a truck stop beauty
  • ASL: Katie Holmes is a somber clown
  • Dlisted: Amanda Pagel is stupid
  • Asylum: Short sex is better, but men like it longer
  • HB: Matthew McConaughey launches beachwear
  • EB: Joe Francis will never leave jail
  • WIMB: Wait, which one is the past ass white boy?
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