The ladies love Jeremy Piven

Entourage star, Jeremy Piven, still hits on the ladies even though he says he’s in love with Lillian Grant. At a Microsoft party at Twelve21 on Monday, Piven “got a lot of numbers.” Except, later that night, he didn’t get laid.

“…he was texting two different models he picked up separately, telling each, ‘Come meet me.’ He had no clue they knew each other and were laughing about the identical messages.” Piven, who is staying at the Mercer Hotel for two months, told us, “It was my hope that in texting both ladies, I would make it onto Page Six, so everybody wins.”

I’ve never been invited to a Microsoft party so obviously they’re pretty crappy. But, Piven and I are a lot alike in thatI get a lot of digits too. The funny thing is everyone I pick up lives in the same area. I can tell because their numbers all start with 555. That’s somewhere in LA, right?

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