Victoria Beckham is richer than you

In a 12 page spread in the UK Vogue, Victoria Beckham denies crash dieting stating “I would never put my health at risk.” She semi-jokingly says she can’t bring herself to go to the gym because she doesn’t like wearing tennis shoes. Oh and she explains why it’s hard to be Posh Spice. Like, this one time her kids totally messed up her purse.

“I put the bag on the table – he got it specially made – and one of the kids knocked a candle and the wax went sploosh, all over it,” the Press Association reported.

“And honestly, I nearly cried.”

That must be harsh. The literally dirt poor people of Africa that are forced to eat mud know exactly how you feel. One time they thought their mom made them real chocolate pie. Turns out it was actually mud that looked pretty similar to chocolate. They nearly cried too. But they didn’t. They just starved.

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