What the?

  • capt. cornhole

    just pull the string and you’ll her her say:

    “Oh baby fuck me doggie style”

    “WOW that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, don’t hurt me with that thing.”

    “I love it when you finger me with cheese doodle stainted fingers.”


    AND MORE…”

  • My employer has blocked the link…can someone tell me who it is?


  • uuumm. that bloody little cork would be dripping with sperm, cause i’d f*ck her little buttocks silly. sillier than she already is.

  • umjussayin

    thas sexy! she could’ve at least cut the damn string though, and wore some draws.

  • fluttrgrl

    And the partygoers behind her have obviously spied it as well and are having a goog giggle at her expense.

    Seriously though, did she get all excited in the heat of a dance and endorphin filled moment and FORGET she was wearing a tampon and just rip her knickers off?! Surely no one actually leaves he house wearing no knickers whilst wearing a tampon. No knickers in a dress that short is bad enough… but when it is short enough to see your tampon string… well not even Crazy Brittney would do that!

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