Update: Alicia Keys is an idiot

Alicia Keys

Did you know Tupac and Biggie Smalls were assassinated and the flames of their rivalry were fanned by the government? And that gangsta rap was invented to convince black people to kill each other? Also, that conspiracy theorists are punched in the face for being stupid far more often than sane people? No? Well, Alicia Keys knows. She tells Blender,

That subtly sexy siren who sings family-friendly fare is also an out-and-out conspiracy theorist who wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck and believes Tupac and Biggie Smalls were assassinated, their rivalries stoked by “the government and the media to stop another great black leader from existing.”

In this issue’s Blender magazine, Keys proves herself to be more Rev. Wright than Aretha, saying things like gangsta rap was a ploy by the government to “convince black people to kill each other.”

Conspiracy theorists are retarded. None of their “theories” are grounded in reality. When you start explaining to them how these things aren’t possible, they make more stuff up. What’s Alicia going to say next? That the female orgasm exists? Ha! Whatever, dude. I’ve never given a woman one and I’m really good at sex so it’s obviously a myth perpetuated by woman to make men feel inadequate.

Update: Alicia Keys may not be that idiotic. LB in the comments says Alicia called in a radio show to clarify the interview saying that the government didn’t create gangsta rap, but created the term and along with others, sensationalized it.

  • tamika

    I think those that are so offended by her comments are the real idiots. There are many people saying she has a point, but I’m finding that some are so offended, as if she made the comments directly towards you or them, that you can’t even see where she could possibly be telling the truth.

  • Alicia is a talented artist but I think it’s pretty safe to say that she is an idiot.

    I first read about her interview with Blender from my fellow blogger Juan Perez over on Highbrid Nation. I couldnt beleive it. I had always thought she was smart. Little did I know. In reality she is a cross between a Black Panther and a retard.

    …she still looks good though ;).

  • Bell Curve

    I’m not offended by her remark, I just think she is delusional. Conspiracy theories are not a way people explain the truth, it is a way people avoid the truth. If dealing with reality is too painful, some imaginary ‘they’ must be created to explain why the world sucks.

    That is why conspiracy theories usually contain contradictions, like ‘Jewish bankers and Communists are responsible’, ignoring the fact communists and bankers are natural enemies. Or ‘Bush is behind 9/11 and is the stupidest guy ever’… so he can be behind a vast global conspiracy but he is also stupid. Well which is it guys? Personally I vote for ‘stoopid’.

    And so sweet AliciaL she sees cunning conspiracies because the fact African-American culture is dysfunctional all on its own it too painful for her world view to accommodate regardless of all the evidence… so ‘they’ are behind all the woes, those just out of focus evil Illuminati that you only ever see from the corner of your eye.

    Yet the truth is that there are no super clever conspirators, just varied degrees of dumb fucks of every nationality, race and creed. History is not the product of conspiracies, it is the collision of dumb fuck A and dumb fuck B in the thick fog of reality. Dealt with it.

  • Jazmin316

    Why is it so radical for someone to believe that the government is imperfect? For you guys who believe that the government has done no wrong, please look up the Tuskgee Project, where the government gave a group of african american men syphilis as a research project. So why would topic such as illuminati ( which tupac spoke of) or Reagan introducing crack to a prorished african american community via freewar ricky ross. Alicia Keys is not an idiot. The phrase Conspiracy Theory is created to protect “over priveledged white kids” from finding out about a truth their money has protected them from.

  • Why

    I have been reading the posts about Alicia Keys and I am willing to bet one thing, it is written completely out of context. I think it is interesting, that this is the same magazine that accused Beyonce of being a racist. I also think it is interesting that most of the blogs I have read about this issue, have comments that are very very racist. We are so sad, silly and ignorant as to what is truly going on in this country. Conspiracy theory is way for people to discredit ideas that have truth that those in control would rather we NOT look at. Alica hold you head up woman, you thought and spoke outside the box of your programming and doing that will always get you persecuted. Why? because people like the idea of being safe as opposed to actually opening their minds and looking for truth, which will rarely makes you feel safe.

  • Bessy

    I think the issue here is that Alicia doesn’t offer enough evidence to counter claims against her argument. First, Alicia Keys says the government pretty much started gangsta rap. Then she says they killed off Tupac and Biggie because they wanted to stop another great black leader from existing. But if the government started gangsta rap, wouldn’t Tupac and Biggie be puppets of the government? Then again, you could argue they were only products of the system. Which is why the government planned a resurgence of boy bands to stop the gangsta rap hydra they created. You could go on and on and on. But, without at least a modicum of evidence, this will be just another stupid conspiracy theory like how man never walked on the moon.

  • Me

    …sory to say but this is right. Stop being difficult people we dont like to hear the truth

  • Bessy

    I don’t think anyone disagrees that the government has done wrong and tried to cover it up. The problem here is common sense. To control a conspiracy, the government has to be able to predict the outcome of everything. One would assume that if they wanted to have African Americans kill each other, they’d have found an easier way. Controlling and predicting free will is in no way easy.

    Also, what would be the purpose? Does the government hate black people that much? And why?

    If you look up Ricky Ross, it could go either way. Ross could have been using the “pawn of government” excuse to avoid jail. He sold $3m worth of coke a day. What would you do if you were on trial about to be sent to prison while moving that amount of drugs? Lay down and say, “Yea, I did it. Take me away”?

  • Qwetha

    I read another explanation to her “Blender” interview and I believe her words were twisted somewhat. However, that’s was she gets for always trying to come off as she’s real deep when she’s not even honest about her sexuality. And speaking of “sex”, I really feel sorry for you that you’ve never given a woman an orgasm because a “female orgasm” definitely exist and any man that is in tune with his woman’s body and has the knowledge of her vagina, he certainly knows how to bring her to an orgasm again and again. Both you and Alicia have a lot to learn.

  • LB

    Yeah, Alicia called into the Tom Joyner and Ryan Seacrest radio shows to clarify what she meant in that interview, this morning.

    She said that the interviewer misinterpreted what she was trying to say. She said that she was not saying that the government created gangsta rap; she said that it, along with a lot of others, created the term “gangsta rap”.

    She also didn’t say that Biggie and Pac were assassinated by the government; she said that the government and the media played a role in sensationalizing their beef.

    As for her AK-47 pendant, she does wear that, but it relates to her “killing ’em dead” with her music, nothing else.

    You can go on to the radio shows’ websites to hear her interviews.

  • Regarding her comment about Biggie and Tupac being “black leaders”, that could be true depending on how you look at it. For me Biggie and Tupac were more arbiters of hood life. Even though both branched into different topics, the street cred was more important. Conspiracy theories – I believe there are a few. Both hip hop artists were on the radar of the Hip Hop Police and FBI. Who kept them under watch. That part has been proven. It was a 24-7 gig for them.

    So where were these people when both were shot? These coppers also had the assistance in the air of ghetto birds (police helicopters). Why were they absent on the night both were killed? You see the same setup happened with Dr. King. He too was under the watchful eye of the government and was killed. Again, where were the coppers? JFK, the same thing. His security detail was all of a sudden pulled back as he made the last turn down Dealy Plaza. A setup? Yes, you would have to be a severe retard not to think so.

    Anyway, if brothers murked both of these Hip Hop artists, by now someone who have talked. Whether through pillow talk or bragging. Bros would talk. Alicia has one thing against. She’s too fine and is used to things being handed to her. Fine ass girls of mixed decent are some times jumping up and saying things that do fit their external look. It would be like her saying “racist injustice has happened to me”. Her saying “Black Power”. There’s sometime just a bit wrong with that. Alicia may be of mixed decent but in many circles she’s not considered black, brown but green like Will Smith and other black on the outside stars. So my point is, she can feel but she can’t touch!

  • komm

    watch what u say about alicia keys… get your facts straight before you spit negativity about anyone…

    You never know who’s reading your bullshit reports.

    We’ll see you in court

  • there’s nothing to clarify, alicia. there’s not one white american whose ever owned a parcel of farm land, or one black american, that have not experience how corrupt this american government is.

    gangsta rap was created by american and foreign governments, and perpetuated the white entertainment industry to influence foreign trade, by demonstrating that blacks cannot be trusted.

    one example would be the alleged race riots of the 60’s that were fought by less than 1% of the african american population against the police in america, and the corrupt governments established throughout africa . . . especially in nigeria, where most black african refugees end up.


    Alicia has always catered to the black race, she thinks she is black instead of mixed. With that being said I heard her interview on the tom joyner morning show, and to me she was embarressed by what she said and went into the defensive mode. let a white person question her about her idiotic remarks. She said what she said how can someone misinterpret that. She obviously feels black people are mistreated, so whats new. And you can sure tell who is black on this comment board because you defend her idiotic comments. Black people realize that White people dont care enough about you to get this involved with you… Please the race card is way played out.


    Tamika it seems your the real idiot here, because what about all the people offended by Don Imus, or take your pick at all the White people who have lost their job for saying things that are considered less offensive. If your name wasnt on this post I would have known you were black just by your take on this thing.

  • JJ

    It’s called free speech you short bus window licker. Others have their opinions and can exercise their right to speak them. Get used to it. The world owes neither you or Alicia Keys anything. It was here first.

  • Lyn

    Keys is a typical black racist. They blame Jewish music industry people for gangsta rap. Blacks say Jews invented it to get rich off of black artists. As for the government using gangsta rap to kill high profile blacks – that’s low-grade idiotic. It’s not even profound enough to be moronic or whacked; it’s just idiotic.

    What really makes me mad is that Alicia Keys is lying about her racism. She really believes that crap but she doesn’t want to catch any flak for expressing it.

  • TIM

    There’s a theory that the government lied about nuclear materials being sold to Iraq to fan the flames for going to war. It’s backed by hard evidence that the sale never happened. When the evidence was brought forth, the FEDs went after the accusers wife and outed her as an CIA agent. If you read a paper you know the story. That’s a solid indictment.

    The government creating gangster rap to discredit black folk, without receipts, is just stupid talk. It’s like the pink elephant in the trunk of my car. You can’t prove that it doesn’t exist.

    The government did do wrong at Tuskagee. It’s not even a theory. It’s backed by fact, testimony and records.

    Now where are those receipts and correspondence between the record companies, feds and gangster rappers? Thought so. To push this connection as Ms Keyes does, shows as much intellectual prowess as speading rumours based on a hunch but with nothing backing it up. It’s as morally dubious as saying you best friend cheats on his wife because you just got a strong feeling. Until you got lipstick on his collar you talking shit. Like Alicia Keyes.

    Black adherence to conspiracy theory is like God and religion – none can be empirically proved and both are often used as excuses when shit goes bad. It’s ultimately fatalistic. It’s the singer praising the Lord at the Grammy’s like God were a record producer or even gave shit about their anthems to bling and materialism. Jesus loves his 20 inchers and get get enough of Beyonce’s poppin.

    I know, I know, I’m just another racist white guy. Actually, I’m a mix bag of races so I’m really unsure of who to blame. But I do know one thing, this country has progressed. The government now conspires to have a mixed race guy run and perhaps win the presidency in the hopes he’ll fuck up – further discrediting the black race for generations to come. This is revenge for the the great black conspiracy that black folk really propped up GW Bush in a successful bid to discredit White Men.

    Stop the blame game, look in the mirror and figure out why your life sucks or is great, the answer is as far as your nose. Most blacks in this country haven’t lived abroad in some totalitarian shit hole like most of Sub-Saharan Africa, Burma, North Korea, Etc. to see what it’s like when conspiracy theories are realities. 800,000 dead Rwandans can’t be wrong.

  • Mike Paahana

    so is my gf but AK is better looking

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