Amy Winehouse is rich

Even though Amy Winehouse’s fortune is valued at $20 million and has made the list of music millionaires, she may never reach the Paul McCartney status. She may not even have a new album coming out anytime soon. Her affinity for cocaine has seemed to halt her music career as her label is rumored to have refused to release her album until she cleans up her image.

“Winning Grammys have given her a really good profile in the United States. She has such a smooth voice but let’s hope she doesn’t blow it all,” Sunday Times Rich List editor Philip Beresford said as the latest millionaire tables were published.

Amy Winehouse loves coke. More than anything. Even money. Unless the money can be used to buy coke, then she loves it just as much as coke. Given the choice between coke and breathing. Amy would choose coke. If you told her her parents died and that, “by the way, you can’t do anymore coke,” Amy would start crying and ask you “what did coke ever do to you, you monster.” In conclusion, Amy Winehouse is a retard who doesn’t deserve $20 million.

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