Ashlee Simpson isn’t pregnant?

Yesterday, sources confirmed to Us Magazine that Ashlee Simpson was pregnant and may have subtly given credence to the rumor that Pete Wentz isn’t afraid of vaginas. “Not so”, says Pete Wentz. In an email to MTV News, Pete denied the reports and explained that people were out to get him.

“There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood,” he wrote. “This is all news to me. I can’t wait for the story about how I’m really in a gay relationship and this is all just a cover. … I mean really, this is crazy. … I mean we’re engaged, that’s true, and happy about it.”

There you have it. Straight from the horses mouth. Pete Wentz is still a little fairy.

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13 years ago

So Pete is still afraid of vagina’s, huh. That Ashley may never have children if she stays with this poofter. I bet he and Silverchair’s Daniel Johns are great buddy’s. I also just realised why Natalie Imbruglia doesn’t have children.

alyssa{super girl}
13 years ago

wow i really thought she actually got pregooooooooo

lovyyyyyyyyyy u boy
13 years ago

So Pete is still afraid of vagina!!!!!!wow i suppose hes gay then right?if he doesnt want astray simpsons

Mike Paahana
Mike Paahana
13 years ago

no just like my gf all girls get fat after the stuck u

13 years ago

i loveee lovee loveee pete wentz soo much [:
i just cant wait till they break up mannnn!
i hope shes not pregggo.
but, i;d have his babyss <33

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