Ashley Dupre wants more money

Ashley Alexandra Dupre was the famed prostitute who caused New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer to resign. She’s gone on to do great things like, um, selling her music through MySpace for pennies. Most recently, a $1 million deal in which she would appear in Girls Gone Wild fell through when the company found out they already had footage of her doing raunchier stuff than they would have asked her to. Today, Ashley Dupre, realizing the American legal system is awesome, is suing Joe Francis for $10 million in damages claiming he exploited her name and image for profit.

The lawsuit seeks more than $10 million in damages. In legal documents, Dupré alleges that Girls Gone Wild representatives approached her while she was vacationing in Florida in 2003, offered her alcohol and cajoled her into exposing her breasts for their cameras when she was just 17 (and not of proper legal age to sign a release form allowing her to be filmed).

Well, obviously. That mean old Joe Francis exploiting this hooker with a heart of gold. What a stupid head. Sure, she signed a contract and lied about her age, but let’s give her $10 million anyway for being an idiot. For what would we be if we didn’t reward dumbasses for being dumbasses? That’s right. Communists. We would be communists. And you’re not a communist, are you?

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14 years ago

How I hope someone smashes this whore’s windpipe in.

14 years ago

WOW this bitch is reeeeeeeeeeally trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame huh??

14 years ago

Where are the topless photos?

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