Benji Madden is a killer

Benji Madden ran over a paparazzo’s foot last night as he and Paris Hilton were leaving the Foxtail nightclub. In the video, photographers can be seen surrounding Benji’s car when all of a sudden a womanly scream pierced the night air. Benji checked out the damage, concluded his wheel was just fine and drove off. The photog went to the L.A. Sheriff’s Department to file a hit and run report.

It’ll be shocking if the sheriff did anything but laugh at him. He should stop being a baby. The car wasn’t even going fast and he still stood in front of it. In fact, it’s hard to tell if the car is even moving. Maybe a fat guy just stepped on his foot and he thought it was the car because he’s a pansy. Nevertheless, the concern from his fellow paparazzi was touching. “Don’t worry about him. Don’t worry about him.”

Paris Involved in Another Hit and Run [TMZ]

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13 years ago

Darn …. another near miss !! (these celebs need more practice )

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