Brandon Davis is a winner and afternoon time wasters

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  • Drunken Stepfather: Marla Maples and her boy toy at the beach
  • CityRag: Paris Hilton’s non-human look-a-likes
  • Bossip: Chris Rock took the stand to talk about his, um, indiscretions
  • Asylum: Thinking of sex makes you gamble big
  • Celebslam: Russell Simmon’s daughter is attractive
  • Celebitchy: Oprah cries over her dog
  • ASL: Brandon Davis channels his inner racist
  • Yeeeah: A new strain of weed is named after Tom Cruise
  • Dlisted: Yoko gives Heather some advice
  • SOW: Jordan has morphed into Katie Andre
  • CS: Melissa Joan Hart and her son
  • College Humor: God hates Rick Astley
  • shankyouverymuch

    So i don’t get it, where was the racism? is being truthful racist now too?

    i mean the one guy was obviously a fucking dumpster NIGGER, & the other guy was obviously fudge packing faggit, NO big whoop- suck it up PUSSY’S

  • chewy

    to shankyouverymuch, calling someone a “dumb n***er” isn’t racist? sad that you think that way. i feel sorry for your mother.

    brandon davis is a coward, only willing to say those things once he’s safely in his SUV with the windows rolled up.

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