Britney has a new bikini body

Britney's legs

Star Magazine credits diet and exercise for Britney’s new bikini body. Amazing because their world exclusive photo shows the same Britney everyone has been staring at for the past two years.

And while she’s not there yet, she has dropped 20 pounds, the cellulite is gone and her dancer’s legs are back!

Pick up the May 5 issue – on newsstands right now! – to see the amazing photo spread. Plus, find out how she beat the cellulite, dropped 20lbs in just 30 days and get the skinny on her diet and workout secrets.

Dancer’s legs? The only way Britney can dance with those tree trunks is if they reinforced the stage with titanium. Maybe they meant elephant’s legs. Yea, that’s probably it. Although, that’d be pretty insulting to elephants everywhere.

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