David Hasselhoff recently split from his wife Pamela Bach which means this hamburger eating sex machine is back on the prowl. Rawr. The Hoff’s got the moves and he’s not afraid to use them. How can women resist? Apparently, quite easily. Gatecrasher writes,

“The female of the group [a busty, cute brunette] was approached by the assistant of David Hasselhoff after the taping, and he gave her an autographed photo of him. On the back of the photo was the assistant’s phone number and a suggestion that she get in touch with ‘them.’ Also listed was the name of the hotel [the London] where they were staying.”

What a lady killer. I would have put a winking smiley face on the back like “;)” so she knew I was thinking naughty thoughts and that I wasn’t actually going to give her a job or anything. But, that’s just me. I’m a sly dog.

Granted, I’m kind of curious as to which picture he signed. The one up top seems pretty cool, but so does this one. Although, I’m really partial to this one.

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