Winners: Lars and the Real Girl DVD giveaway

Lars and the Real Girl

Winners for the caption contest are as follows:

  1. Jason – “So I found an old inner-tube in the garage the other day, and I was thinkin’ ‘how ’bout a three-way’?”
  2. Steve – “I knew I should of pulled out. I’m not ready to be a Dad to a Cabbage Patch Doll!!!!”
  3. Daniela – Its ok, baby. Just need my vinyl allergy meds and its ON!

Winners have 48 hours to respond to my email with their mailing info.

Ryan Gosling stars in Lars and the Real Girl which comes out on DVD next Tuesday. It’s a touching film about “a delusional young guy who strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet.” (See? You’re not the only one!) Three winners will be chosen to receive a DVD of the movie.

Rules are simple:

  1. Come up with a witty caption for the picture above
  2. Write it down as a comment using/leaving a valid e-mail address or email it to me at theblemish (at) with the subject “Lars and the Real Girl contest”.
  3. Go clean your Real Doll.

Contest ends Thursday April 10, 2008. I will decide the winner by how handsome I look in the mirror that day.

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