Winners: Lions For Lambs DVD giveaway

Tom Cruise

I wanted to pick more than three this time, but like Highlander, there can only be one three (dammit). Winners for this contest, in no particular order:

  • Josh: Wait, do farts have lumps?
  • David: Hmm. Have I gone too far? Or am I too far gone?
  • Suze: Did I remember to give Katie her drugs and lock the door to keep her in? I better call someone

Winners have 48 hours to respond to my email with their mailing info.

Tommy Cruise stars in Lions for Lambs. A movie about war and stuff. Now you can win this movie about war and stuff by coming up with a clever caption. Three winners will be chosen to receive the Lions for Lambs DVD.

Rules are simple:

  1. Come up with a witty caption for the picture above
  2. Write it down as a comment or email it to me at theblemish (at) with the subject “Lions for Lambs contest” using/leaving a valid e-mail address
  3. Rest your pudgy fingers, fatty

Contest ends Friday April 4, 2008. I will decide the winner by e-meter.

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