Daisy Fuentes isn’t shy

Daisy Fuentes and her boyfriend, Matt Gross, were in France where topless women are the rule rather than the exception. Little did she know her bra-less antics would make it to the more conservative America where the mere sight of uncovered boobies would cause mild shock or painful boners. Then again, maybe they did know where these photos would end up because there was another chick taking pictures. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think they cared because Matt was sucking on Daisy’s tits right there. Out in the open. What a classy gentleman. More shenanigans after the jump.

[Images removed because of the lawyers]

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capt cornhole
capt cornhole

with the exception of the last picture, those tit look more fake than a tranny whore’s home injection jobs do.

Though, I would still bend her latina ass over, cornhole her, make her suck the shit off my dick, and then piss on her ex-MTV ass face.

Daisy does have some fake ass jugs, but her cornhole is still tight.

BTW…was there some cottage cheese thigh working in one of those shots?

col potter
col potter

capt cornhole couldn’t tell what fake tits looked like if it jumped up and poked him in the eye. Those tits are real. Dude, that was smegma from your foreskin that you got on your monitor not cottage cheese.

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole

The only thing that can hold up a 40 year old woman’s tits are a bra, a coat hanger, and a trip to the Dr.

They aren’t bigger, they’ve been tugged up!

Sorta like pulling the laces tighter on your shoes.


Obviously these are pictures of them in what looks like a home or apt. not really a public place. Papparazzi are slime even though the pics are entertaining, I’d hate not to have any privacy.

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