Emilio Diaz died of pneumonia

Emilion Diaz, 58, father of Cameron Diaz, died of pneumonia early Wednesday morning. News of his death was shocking as Emilio was in perfect health. TMZ says, “Diaz is currently filming her upcoming flick “My Sister’s Keeper.” A source on the set tells us production on the film was shut down today.”

Emilio was a second generation Cuban-American who worked as a foreman for an oil company. He had a bit part in his daughter’s film “There’s Something About Mary” as “Jailbird.”

Poor Cameron. The best thing for her right now is to take time off from her projects to grieve. Is five years enough or should it be a little more? Six?

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15 years ago

I think that Emilio Diaz wasn’t taken care by anybody even when he was suffering from pneumonia.I think his daughter and his family members must be missing him , may God rest his soul in peace.