Evangeline Lilly and the Hobbit might be back on

After Dominic Monaghan’s character on Lost was killed off, he moved back to Los Angeles and tried making a relationship with Evangeline Lilly, who was still filming in Hawaii, work. The distance proved too great and the pair eventually broke up. Now following a series of “intense phone calls and meetings” (re: phone sex and sex), the two may have rekindled their romance.

“They never stopped loving each other. She remained in Hawaii for the show, and he moved back to Los Angeles when he was killed off, so the distance took its toll. They decided to take a break, but it was really hard on them both.”.

Evangeline, 28, flew from Hawaii to Hollywood to support British-born Dominic at the opening of his photography exhibition on March 13.

I can see why they couldn’t remain apart. The chemistry between these two is magnificent. Whenever I think of these lovebirds, I’m reminded of the picture above. You know, the one where Dominic is molesting Evangeline’s lifeless body after pulling her from the ocean where she almost drowned? That’s what happened, right? I can’t think of any other way to interpret this.

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