Gary Coleman will divorce, get paid

Coleman Shannon

Gary Coleman and his wife of six months, Shannon Price, have discovered loveless marriages don’t work. Now they want to end it. Publicly. With pay of course. On Divorce Court. Gary and Shannon recently taped an episode with Judge Lynn Toler presiding. According to sources, the main issue was “she wants to have kids and he hates kids.” Bossip discovered the synopsis,

On the conclusion of a two part session of Divorce Court, both Gary Coleman and his wife Shannon Price agreed to come on Divorce Court because they wanted Judge Toler’s marital advice. Shannon says she is tired of Gary’s outbursts and head banging against the wall episodes. Shannon wants Gary to start going out with her instead of staying indoors playing video games and playing with his train sets. Shannon also says she wants to have kids but Gary is not fond of them. Gary says he does not like going out and would rather spend his tine with his train set. Gary also says he does not want to have kids because he does not like them.

Sigh. Gary’s always busy with something. If it’s not his train set, it’s throwing projectiles at his wife and being cited for domestic disturbance. Little people these days. So difficult.