Heidi’s not going to Washington

MSNBC, in all their infinite wisdom and hilarity, invited Heidi Montag to the White House Correspondents gala. However, Spencer, who wasn’t invited, but is Heidi’s manager, demanded first-class tickets for himself too. I assume the network laughed and told this little kid to get lost because he canceled the appearance citing “It wasn’t ‘A-listy’ enough.” MSNBC said this never happened.

“We are not having, nor did we invite, any celebrities to sit at our table.” However, a rep for Montag and Pratt said, “There was a scheduling conflict so they couldn’t make it – but they always travel together.”

It’s for the best. Watching Heidi attempt to make conversation at this gala would be uncomfortable. She’d probably interject with something like, “Yea, I know. His views on that are so right. Look. I’m wearing my own design. You can see my thong.” When everyone goes quiet and glares at her, she’ll exclaim, “I like turtles,” before awkwardly slinking away.

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