Jay-Z and Beyonce may have married

Jay-Z and Beyonce are reported to have wed last Friday. While the newlyweds have been mum about the event, motor mouth Mary J. Blige wasn’t. OK! Magazine writes:

“Congratulations to my man, Jay-Z, and my girl B,” the singer announced to the audience at the beginning of her set at the Greensboro Coliseum.

The ceremony was followed by a lavish party at Jay-Z’s penthouse apartment in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood, decorated with white orchids and the number ‘4,’ signifying the birthday number Beyonce and Jay-Z both share (Beyonce in September, Jay-Z in December). 60,000 custom-designed white orchid blooms [were flown in] from Thailand for the ceremony.

Beyonce not wanting to talk about her relationship with Jay-Z is understandable. If I was dating and eventually coerced into marrying someone that ugly, I wouldn’t talk to people about them either. Oops, did I say ugly? That was mean. I meant to say horrendously unattractive.

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15 years ago

Jay-Z is ugly and looks like he is stuck up. Beyonce don’t really care for her. I think these 2 are made for each other since both are vain.