Kanye West broke up

Kanye Alexis

Kanye West and his fiancée of a year and a half, Alexis Phifer, have ended it. Alexis told PEOPLE that they remain friends.

“They’d been having problems,” a pal of West’s says. “Kanye is really focused on his show; he’s putting everything into the show right now. Alexis is a nice girl, but Kanye has been going through a rough time. They hit a rough patch and for now they’ve split.”

The real reason they broke up is because during sex when Alexis couldn’t come, Kanye screamed, “I spent a million dollars learning tantric sex. If you don’t have an orgasm, your vagina loses credibility.”

  • Mare

    He’s got the man-boob thing going on.

  • Arnold

    If he’s currently on antidepressants or antipsychotics, one of the side effects is weight gain for many of those treatments.

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