Katie Holmes and Posh Spice have a lot in common

Katie Holmes and Posh Spice may seem like an unlikely pairing. One is a young movie star married to the creepy Tom Cruise. The other is a plastic creation once thought to only exist in sci-fi movies. But as it turns out, they do share the same interests. That being the sharing of low-calorie meals meant for one. Life & Style via MSNBC says

…the duo shared a green salad sans dressing, one piece of fish and one side of steamed spinach. They also ordered one regular Coke and two glasses of ice.

“Katie poured half the soda into each of their glasses, then filled up the rest with bottled water,” a Madeo regular told the magazine.

Apparently, diet and exercise is a sham. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities really keep their figure, the trick is not to eat. Which makes you think. Those people in internment camps may have been on to something.

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13 years ago

These two have their warped eating habits in common, their love of fashion and um, Posh has a husband with a giant pair of socks strategically placed in the groin area for his underwear photo shoot. Katie has no such luck in that department lol. I remember reading years ago that one of Tom Cruise’s ex wives or girlfriends said his “manhood” was so tiny you practically needed tweezers to find it!!! Not good, not good at all…………

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