Lalala, I can’t hear you

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr was a guest on the Craig Ferguson show Wednesday night where she talked about her vaginal rejuvenation story. In an Andy Kauffman-like moment, no one knew whether to nervously laugh at her joke or walk out in disgust.

“I went and had vaginal rejuvenation surgery. No, I did! And now I have a va-junior. And I’m not afraid to use it.”

When I first read the title from the Huffington Post, I thought it said Rosie. As in O’Donnell. I had to fight back the vomit surging through my throat. Then I read it more carefully. It said Roseanne. As in Barr. That’s when I completely lost it. The vomit I was holding back. Now the cracks of my keyboard are filled with chunks of muffin. This Friday is starting out wonderfully.

Watch the video at the Huffington or below.

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That last bit: And now I have a va-junior. And I’m not afraid to use it.” that did it for me. Maybe you’re not afraid to use it Roseanne, but you have to wave a couple hundred bucks in the face of a drunken homeless guy to even find a “user”

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