Megan Fox to star in a topless catfight

Megan Fox

Juno director, Jason Reitman, gave a brief update on the status of his horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body. He threw out a few pieces of pants-tightening info like “we’ve got [stars] Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried getting into a fight in their underwear. That’ll be fun,” and that Megan Fox will appear topless. But, he quickly clarified that her breasts will be covered by hair. What a tease. Still, this sounds hot. The only thing that can make this story better is having Megan Fox’s thighs wrapped around my head or a steak sandwich or if possible, Megan Fox’s thighs wrapped around my head while Amanda Seyfriend feeds me a steak sandwich. Please God, make this happen.

Nice gamsNice gamsNice gamsNice gamsNice gams

Body Features (Sorta) Topless Megan Fox [Shock Till You Drop]

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