Mischa Barton won’t go to jail

Back in December, Mischa Barton was arrested for DUI, driving without a license and possession of marijuana. In a deal expected to be signed off on Thursday, she will plead no contest to DUI saving her ass from jail time. Mischa will serve a three-year supervised probation, attend a three-month alcohol-education class and pay a $1,700 fine. “In addition, a marijuana possession charge against the actress will be dropped, due to the small amount found. Another charge of driving without a license will be reduced to an infraction, according to the source.”

Oh, well good for her. I’ve never been arrested because I’m a model citizen so it’s hard for me to relate to this story. But, I will tell you that if you ever crash into a phone pole, put your unconscious passenger into the driver’s seat. Works every time.

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