Naomi Campbell assaulted a police officer

Chronic Blackberry thrower and community service fashion diva Naomi Campbell was arrested at Heathrow Airport after allegedly assaulting a police officer. The easily agitated model lost it on a British Airlines flight to L.A. when one of her three carry on bags went missing (is the limit still two?). Naomi demanded the staff to find her bag, pronto. She refused to have it sent to her when it was found and threw a fit. Staff eventually deemed her unfit to fly and asked her to leave the airport. Then she hit and spat on a cop. Because, why not? Unfortunately, no mention of any tasering. That or they didn’t put it in the report which is what I would’ve done.

Cops were called and she was heard screaming “get off me, leave me alone” before she attacked one and was taken away to Heathrow police station.

A Heathrow spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that a passenger was removed by police from a BA flight this afternoon.”

BA269 left more than an hour and a half late while bags belonging to the model and her entourage were taken from the flight.

Unless “off” appears somewhere in this statement, I wouldn’t enjoy models beating me either. It’s emasculating when a woman who’s arm is as thick as your pinkie thumps you with an 8 pound purse. Especially when they start laughing as they lean over your broken body. Even more so when they pee on your face. But, hey. You know what? This happens to every guy at least once in their life, right?

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13 years ago

good pics

13 years ago

Hope she actually gets charged with assaulting a police officer. I think some time in prison is just what her “anger management” needs. Otherwise we’ll still be reading this stuff when she’s in her 80’s.

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