Naomi Campbell has been banned

Following Naomi Campbell’s outburst on a British Airways flight and assault of a police officer, BA has banned Naomi from ever flying their airline. The 37-year-old phone flinging model was “released on bail pending investigation.” She hoped to settle the dispute amicably (re: not having to KO some fools). Asked for comment, BA replied:

“We don’t comment in detail about matters relating to individual passengers.

“All incidents of abuse against passengers or staff are taken extremely seriously by BA and will not be tolerated. We deal with cases on an individual basis and will take whatever action we feel is necessary.”

Naomi’s rep says shes’ been flying British Airways for 30 years (what? ever since she was 7?) without incident and still hopes to have an amicable resolution. In the meantime, Naomi will make amends. Meaning, she’s going to grab the BA representative by the scruff of his neck and kick him in the nuts until he agrees to un-ban her. Which astonishingly enough is a severely under-utilized, yet quite effective tactic.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
16 years ago

she’s got a big old cock sucker on her!

A co ci do tego
A co ci do tego
16 years ago

Pitty that they didn’t treat her like that Polish gay on the Canadian airport.
She’s a real bitch.