Orlando Brown has gone un-missing

That’s So Raven star, Orlando Brown, was reported missing by his publicist, Elayne Rivers, on Tuesday. Orlando hadn’t contacted anyone for a whole day. Can you believe that? A guy not calling someone for a whole day? The nerve of some people. He could have been abducted or something. But as it turns out, he wasn’t. Orlando reemerged today and issued a statement.

“It was wrong for me not to inform my manager … about my whereabouts, especially when I am usually so routine and big on communication, but I felt a little lost and needed to get away,” Brown said in a statement released Wednesday by his publicist, Elayne Rivers.

Brown went on to say he was upset at “how we as entertainers are so disrespected at times” after an incident at a nightclub where he had expected to open for the headlining act.

“I felt that that was my chance to prove that I was talented and I was really excited,” Brown said. “When I was told that I couldn’t perform… that really hurt. … It got a bit overwhelming and I needed to be alone.”

He apologized to his friends and fans and thanked them for their support, wrapping the page-long statement with “I have no further comments.”

Has it come to this? If stars go one day without contacting their manager or friends, everyone thinks they’ve gone on a drug binge, been kidnapped or are driving around with a dead hooker wrapped in plastic in the trunk of their car looking for a secluded area to dump the body so no one, not even bloodhounds, will find her and subsequently, link them to the “accident” that wasn’t really their fault to begin with? Leave the guy alone. He was probably whacking it and wanted privacy. Sometimes you just have to make a day out of it.

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13 years ago

I’m really glad dat nothing happen 2 him n dat would of piss me off 2 dats so understandable jux cuz he’s a famous entertainer he can’t jux walk out ne time but us regular daily basis pep do it all d time so y is it wrong 4 him2 do it every once in a while we need it!!!

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