Paris Hilton to torment dogs on British tv

Paris Hilton has inked a deal with Living TV, a British network, to host a dog grooming series called Paris’ Pooches. The show will focus on Paris managing a beauty parlor for dogs on Bond Street, London.

“The shop is perfect for Paris. It’s a subject she’s passionate about and it’s a way for her to break into U.K. TV.”

“Watching Paris act out her Los Angeles lifestyle, in which tiaras for Chihuahuas are of real importance, should be very entertaining. And she will no doubt be hitting the clubs and parties over here in the same way she does back home.”

The original plan was a cat grooming show called Paris’ Pussy, but they were afraid everyone would hate them. Dogs are much better. Paris is supposed to have 17 of them. 10 are named Patchy because that’s what their fur looks like after Paris cuts their hair. The other 7 are named Limpy because that’s what their lifeless bodies do when Paris drags them out on the street for a walk not realizing she killed them two weeks ago by dying their hair with a bottle of bleach she found under the sink.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
14 years ago

I’d let her groom and braid the hair around my cornhole.

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
14 years ago

IT? I said she could braid my cornhole hair not corncob hair. So if you are referring to the hair around my ass, nope, I’m not quite that hairy, nor do I have a zipper around my ass. if you are referring to “the frank-n-beans” Nope also. I’m always very careful when I tuck my still hard shlong back into my pants after jerking off. Never had an incident. However, I once fashioned a cock ring out of a huge torriodal transformer, I put both the frank and the beans through that. There was a mild bit of discomfort and… Read more »