Rob Lowe is suing

One of Rob Lowe’s former nannies is trying to extort him out of $1.5 million. She told him to pay up by the end of the week or she’ll accuse Rob of sexual harassment, infidelity and accuse his wife Sheryl of abuse. Yesterday, Rob went public with her threat and revealed two SMS messages that refute her claims.

Today, Rob Lowe has filed suit against two of his former nannies and a former chef. He is saying the nanny’s [Jessica Gibson’s] claim that he had sex with her is defamatory. He is suing the chef Peter Clements because he regularly had sex on their bed with strangers, stole prescription medication, broke security cameras, stole food, stole their mail and operated a catering business on the side. Rob also claims Clements conspired with other ex-employees to spread “malicious lies.”

See, this is why I got out of the personal chef business. Too much cooking and not enough sleeping with strangers in celebrities’ beds like I was promised. Sure, I got a few panties, but eventually they lose their scent and then I’m just the “weirdo with Kate Beckinsale’s underwear in my drawer.” The judge’s words, not mine.

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