Scientology is whack, like crack

Jason Beghe, famous for roles on CSI and Numb3rs and best man at David Duchovny and Tea Leoni’s wedding, is speaking out about Scientology. An OT 5 like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kristie Alley, Jason left the Church after 14 years of spending vast amounts of money to climb the CoS ladder. He recently released a teaser video for an upcoming interview harshly criticizing the religion.

“Scientology is destructive and a rip-off,” he says in video posted to YouTube (watch above). “I think it stunts your evolution. If Scientology is real, then something’s f—ed up . . . It ain’t delivering what it’s promised. It sure has not.”

Jason is brave to voice his concern. I’d be too scared of what Scientology would do to me. They’d probably spread vicious rumors like, I don’t recycle or I never returned my neighbor’s garden hose or I wear women’s underwear. Total bullshit propaganda. I returned that hose yesterday.

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