The Dork Knight

Rabid fans dedicated enough to jump through hoops for the Batman viral marketing campaign were treated to a preview of the new Dark Knight trailer. A select few were even given 35mm prints to take home. Alas, these prints were defaced by that d-bag Joker who renamed the film The Dork Knight. Awesome! Although, one has to wonder. How long did it take the Joker to graffiti all these cells on the reel? Why does the Joker have so much free time? Wouldn’t it be better to use this time to concoct an ingenious plan to kill the Batman? Maybe the Joker did it the new school way after discovering Final Cut Pro on his Mac? I’m just surprised the Joker hasn’t caught up with the times. Had he been the master prankster he makes himself out to be he would have Rickrolled everyone.

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