The moment you’ve all been waiting for

The Sun reports that Kelly Brook, 28, has come out of her stupor and split from her fiancé of four years, Billy Zane, 42. Ms. Big Boobs has been thinking over her life since the death of her father and decided Billy is not the man for her.

“The split is completely amicable and the decision was made after long conversations here and in the US. They remain good friends.”

The source said: “When her dad passed away she spent a lot of time mulling over life and decided she was too young to settle down.

“Billy was keen, but she kept delaying plans for the big day. He started asking questions — and they eventually decided to go their separate ways.”

Billy is moving back to LA for good where he will sit his non-existent children on his lap and tell them about the time he had a four year fling with one of the hottest women on Earth. Meanwhile, Kelly Brook will be going around town, banging a lot of dudes and will continue being famous and much desired.

The picture up top is for Billy. May he suffer greatly for The Phantom and BloodRayne.

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13 years ago

what is she looking for in his mouth?

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