They served caviar and Popeye’s Chicken via Female First has some info on what went down at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding. Sources say they were anxious to marry because Beyonce had a 3-week sex ban before the big day. Also, guests were searched before entering the apartment with security guards confiscating cell phones, cameras and three guns. As to what everyone had for dinner, one obviously enthused guest revealed,

“There was literally so much food! We had seven courses in total, including beluga caviar, shrimp scampi and buckets of Popeye’s Fried Chicken.”

Because nothing says celebrity wedding like caviar and Popeye’s. Although, for the record, Popeye’s Fried Chicken is gross. KFC is a thousand times better. I was eating Popeye’s the other day and I swear to God, I bit into a breast and a mouthful of oil gushed out of it. I was basically drinking oil instead of eating chicken. Plus, their meat was dry. So, if you ever plan on getting married to whoever is crazy enough to take you, I suggest ordering buckets of KFC original and some McDonald’s double cheeseburgers with Big Mac sauce because they’re just like Big Macs, but only cost $1 and it doesn’t have any of that lettuce junk. In hindsight, I guess this advice was meant more for Britney Spears than anyone else.

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12 years ago

Wait… hold a minute. KFC is gross, Popeye’s is bomb.

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