You can be just like Sarah Jessica Parker

A high-end travel agency is offering people the chance to live life just like the characters from Sex and the City. For a mere $24,000, airfare not included, customers will be able to walk, shop and be retarded just like Sarah Jessica Parker or whatever deteriorating mess they most admire from the show. From buying Jimmy Choo shoes to getting screwed in the bathroom at an “ultra-exclusive members-only club in the Meatpacking District,” something you obviously can’t do where you live normally, you’ll be able to experience the joys of middle age.

“It’s a real fantasy for women,” said Joanne Konstantinakos, 36, founder of the Destination on Location travel company. “They still talk about this show all around the world.”

Just eight to 12 women at a time will jet into the city for the five-night re-creation of everything Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie would do.

Since many fans of the show identify with one of the four characters, the tour plans to organize a special “Perfect Saturday” of activities that each character might enjoy.

For example, Miranda-types will take a laid-back shopping trip and go for a jog in Central Park.

Those who like artsy Charlotte will go gallery-hopping, while sex-starved Samantha wanna-bes will head for Babeland, a sex-toy shop in SoHo.

Even though the tour organizers aren’t promising a Mr. Big, they do vow to give the out-of-towners a chance to hook up with real New York guys.

Carrie Bradshaw fans will be treated to a broomstick ride above New York and their choice of either a carrot or a bag of oats. Although, there’s still one important item missing from this package. A way to reclaim your dignity. Other than that, this is an incredible deal.

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14 years ago

So…there are women who would pay a lot of money to go for a jog and slut it up for a bunch of dudes they’ve never met? They can’t do that where they live for free?

14 years ago

this is ridiculous, i cant believe that there are actually women out there this desperate. shoot the stupid idiot who came up with this idea. i can think of a million more fulfilling ways to spend $24,000!

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