Amy Winehouse is doing fine

It is with great relief I announce today that Amy Winehouse isn’t done being a complete psycho. A few days ago she was arrested for a leaked video of her smoking crack. Today she was stuck in traffic on the highway and decided to get out of her car to wander up and down the shoulder asking fellow motorists for a light. She also managed to make people more uncomfortable by lifting her shirt up to sunbathe.

I swear. If this lunatic ever gets near my car, I’d roll up my windows, lock my doors and gun it. Much like I do with those homeless people standing on the center divide begging for change, but with a lot more hysterical screaming.

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13 years ago

i hope and pray that the little celeb prayer list thing sends out their best for this poor girl (by “poor” i mean “i-can-not-fix-my-problems-and-am-more-hideuous-than-the-camera-often-chooses-to-show”)
at least every week we have something to look forward to whether it be crack smoking or wandering down a freeway in search of a lighter! god bless celebrities and their ardent efforts to assure us all that there’s no way we’ll ever end up as hopeless, misguided, and down-right pathetic as them! yay for USA!

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