Amy Winehouse wears diapers

Amy Winehouse

Wondering whether or not Amy Winehouse could be any more weird? Then wonder no more as she seems to have started wearing diapers whenever she goes out. Because why not? She’s Amy Winehouse.

On another note. Want to get a raging erection? Then imagine having sex with Amy and having to remove her soiled Depends in the middle of foreplay and flinging the dripping, pee (and possibly poo) filled mass across the room onto a lamp like in the movies. Totally hot! Sexy close up here.

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It looks like she has underwhere on but (gross) maybe hiding some drugs in a napkin for her ever fucked up husband


It looks like a maxi-pad, not a diaper. If it was a diaper, you wouldn’t see her pubes in certain pics.


This is dumb. She isn’t wearing a diaper. It look like either 1) She is wearing a pair of white panties. 2) She is on her period and wearing a pad…Give the girl a break. She might be messed up and on drugs but what reason would she have to wear a diaper? It makes no sense at all. I don’t think anyone would wear one unless they truly had to!


Zoe your wrong. Some people wear diapers for incontinence. BUT alot of people wear them for either comfort or as a fetish. Known As Diaper Lovers “DL’s” some dress up as adult baby “AB’s”. THIS IS IN NO WAY LINKED TO PEDOPHILIA OR ANY FORM OF SEXUAL ABUSE TO A CHILD. Research it.
Some people have ever worn small diapers such as pampers pullups or Goodnites to clubs/ bars or out shopping because you wouldn’t have to use the disgusting public restrooms.

Love you Amy :)

The writer of this article is utter scum.

Get some respect you skank.

beautiful bella

this makes me sad.  
i feel is sorrow and compassion for amy.  
no-one wants to be so tormented that they risk their lives “self-medicating”
i knows she was in extreme emotional pain  
i strongly believe she was sexually abused as a child
i celebrate that she is free of her anguish.  i mourn that she had such anguish to begin with.

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