Angelina Jolie may have already spawned

Angelina Jolie may have already given birth to her twins claims OK! Magazine. Initial reports said she was due in three to four weeks, but according to sources, Angelina popped out the two kids on Sunday in a Catholic clinic in the Aix-En-Provence region of France.

Although, OK! tells you to take this with a grain of salt which is kind of weird. I thought only I was allowed to write about unsubstantiated rumors. Like, Megan Fox is pregnant with my lovechild as a result of us “doing it” every night. See! I’m just like OK! Magazine. But in this case, I know it’s not true. She’s on the pill.

Update: ET is confirming the rumor and say she’s named them Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane. Their source said, “Babies are great.”

Photo: SplashNewsOnline

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