Angelina’s nanny has loose lips

A soon to be former nanny for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt talked to Star Magazine about the super family’s hectic and sexy life. The anonymous caretaker says, “Angelina doesn’t believe in old-fashioned restrictions because she finds them oppressive. So her rule is to have few rules.”

This leads to her children eating whatever they want to eat, each child running around speaking different languages (with Maddox speaking only French) and six televisions which are constantly on. The only time Brad and Angelina have time to wind down is at 2 a.m. when they go skinny dipping. Being millionaires is tougher than it seems.

On a somewhat related note, if I was Angelina Jolie, I’d be the greatest parent ever because I’d never get in trouble for disciplining my kids with the heel end of a shoe. Since I’m so beautiful you see. Even if I went to court, the judge would most likely fall in love with me and ask if I would be so kind as to viciously beat his child. But I’d know his game. He just wants to see my boobs jiggle as I repeatedly strike his five year old’s head with my stilletos. Perv.

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Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch
13 years ago

Having absolutely no rules and letting your children run around like animals is not good parenting. Sounds like the 6 TVs raise them.

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