Anne Heche be broke

Anne Heche

An L.A. judge has relieved Anne Heche of her obligation to pay child support to her ex-husband for the month of July. Heche has been paying the guy $14,798 every month, but now claims she’s penniless save for the $34,840.93 left in her accounts. According to her, she can’t even pay her “son’s private school tuition, her Canadian mortgage, L.A. rent, auto and other expenses.”

In her declaration, Heche noted that her TV show, “Men In Trees,” had gotten the ax. She says since January, “I have been unemployed and had no income….except for one very short term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000.”

A great way for Anne to save money would be to get rid of one of her homes, her expensive cars and stop eating $30 meals. But, that’s just me. Im craaaazy. People are probably sitting in their chairs gasping or spitting coffee at their screens after having just read my radical ideas. And they say Anne is the insane one!

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