Aww, shucks. You mean it?

Courtney Love

A haggard Lindsay Lohan was walking down Robertson Blvd on May 9, grabbing lunch at Cuvee Cafe when eager fans tried to get her attention by shouting, “Courtney! Courtney!” Yes, they thought Lindsay was Courtney Love. Haha, bitch. A source told Star,

Wearing black Ray-Ban sunglasses and bright-pink lipstick similar to what Courtney sometimes wears, she was a dead ringer for the rock queen. “She was also looking extremely pale,” the source adds. “You know things are going downhill when you get mistaken for an ex-druggie plastic surgery disaster who’s twice your age!”

This is pretty bad. I actually feel a tinge of sympathy for Lindsay. Even Courtney Love is offended when people mistake her for Courtney Love. Courtney Love looks like she was about to be bashed in the face with a shovel, but escaped unscathed only because her attacker felt that making her uglier just wouldn’t be fair. Being mistaken for Courtney Love is probably the worst thing to befall anyone. I’m not exaggerating when I say you might as well kill yourself if this ever happens to you.

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