Barbara Walters is fun

Barbara Walters went on Oprah yesterday to promote her tell-all book, Audition: A Memoir. She discussed a variety of topics ranging from Star Jones being fat then being skinny, Rosie O’Donnell being temperamental and her affair with Edward Brooke, the first black senator to be popularly elected.

Regarding Star Jones, Barbara said everyone knew she had gastric bypass surgery, but Star made them lie on air saying it was portion control and Pilates that led to her dramatic weight loss. Which is completely retarded since everyone knew Star could barely bend over to touch her knees much less do Pilates. In fact, Barbara said Star was so fat she could barely walk on set. Other fun facts revealed by Barbara include: Rosie O’Donnell having severe emotional problems and never considering herself Sen. Edward Brooke’s mistress even though she was. However, Barbara didn’t talk about her childhood which was a total letdown because I’ve always wanted to know what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

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