Britney blew $61 million last year

In Touch says Britney Spears tore through a staggering $61 million in 2007, paying a hefty sum for legal bills, rehab, psychiatric care, clothes, cars and most likely, Starbucks. The biggest loss though came from Britney’s reluctance to tour.

“By not touring for her last album [Blackout], she lost out on $50 million,” estimates Robert Bianchi, an LA-based CPA who isn’t an accountant for Britney.

Her exorbitant spending habits have since been curbed by her newly appointed conservator/father Jamie Spears. But in Britney’s defense, I imagine it would be fairly easy to get caught up in the extravagant celebrity lifestyle when you’re rich and famous. If I had that kind of change, I’d be buying crazy s**t like unicorns. People will tell me unicorns don’t exist, but I’ll just tell them to “make them exist.” And I can do that because I have much more money than them. The funny thing is, since people love celebrities and rich people, they’ll find a way to make it happen and before you know it, I’ll be driving out of the dealership in my fancy new unicorn while you’re still stuck in traffic in your lame Ford Focus. Suck on that poor people.

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13 years ago

LOL, Unicorns! Doesn’t surprise me she missed out on a money and blew through it like it was coke. She had a year of breakdowns and being deranged.

13 years ago

This was my first time coming to this site and I just read your blog- you’s a funny muthaf*cker! Given – I just blew a fat one but that comment about unicorns has me cryin over here! I feel you with the “make them exist” comment! ESPECIALLY w/that kinda dough!(laughing histerically: pituring you snapping your fingers in full diva mode w/a highlighted mo-hawk; tight ass hot pants and a f*ckin pink poodle in your hand) oh shi! my stomach is hurtin from laughin – thanks! i needed that

Tony Snow
Tony Snow
12 years ago

Hollywood is crazy and these girls need to retire. I read earlier on that Lindsey Lohan is now pregnant with Eugene Osei child and he is some Hollywood Loser, not even an A-Lister. What a pathetic girl she is.

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