Britney granted more time with… what are their names again?

Britney Spears headed to court today to participate in her never ending custody hearing. She apparently made out pretty well because K-Fed’s attorney says she’s been granted more time with her kids. K-Fed hopes to one day have both parents actively participate in their children’s lives.

Jamie and Lynne Spears released a statement that they were “so pleased with Britney’s progress” and “very appreciative” of the court’s recognition of her progress.

They make Britney sound like a five year old. Is she in kindergarten? If you’re releasing statements like this, you should probably rethink allowing Britney more face time with Sean and Jayden. Mark my words, one day, Britney will try to trade her kids in for a bag of Cheetos. And she won’t even be successful. The guy will tell her to, “hand over the babies first, then I’ll give you the Cheetos.” Britney will ponder for a second and say, “Well, okay.” Puzzled, she’ll stand there for a full two minutes watching the guy run to his car and drive off with her kids before whining, “Hey… where are my Cheetos?”

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