Britney Spears will make a big comeback

Britney Spears and Palms Hotel & Casino owner George Maloof were seen dining together and possibly discussing a third, fourth? comeback show. This concert, to take place in Vegas, would likely bump Britney’s bank account up $10 million. An insider tells Digital Spy:

“She wants to make a splashy comeback in Las Vegas. He wants the show to be full of high energy and flashy costume changes.”

If it’s anything like her performance at the MTV Music Awards, this will quickly devolve into an awkward dance number involving very little to no dance. Imagine, as the audience waits anxiously in their seats, the background vocals for Gimme More begin to play, the curtains raise and there will be Britney, crawling on all fours towards a 10 pound turkey. “Come here turkey. Imma eat you!,” she’ll be saying. Suddenly, she realizes, “Oh no, the show has started.” She’ll stand up, pop her hips left and right and in between her wheezing, sing/grunt, “Imma sexay girl. Imma sexay girl.”

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