Brooke Hogan was in a car accident

Karma almost caught up with the Hogans. Over the weekend Brooke Hogan was driving in the center lane of the Bayside Bridge when a car speeding in front of her lost control while changing lanes. The car crashed into her car, pushing it into a concrete barrier on her left. The accident wasn’t Brooke’s fault says TMZ, but shortly after, she posted this on her MySpace:

Seatbelts saved MY life today…

What happened to my brother and our friend John was horrible and very hard for both of our families. But I truly believe my brother and John saved My life and my best friends life…. I don’t know if you heard, but my friend and I got into a really bad car accident today ourselves… As I turned on my car I clicked my seatbelt. As we pulled out onto the road, I looked over and realized my friend didn’t have her seatbelt on. I reminded her to put it on and the minute she clicked it, a car crashed into us. It was a horrible car accident, one that most would be severely hurt in, but we had our seatbelts on and they kept us in tight. I have to thank my brother and my best friend John for teaching me an important lesson that saved our lives.

I know that because my family is under a microscope, the turn of unfortunate events are magnified and seem like they just keep on coming…And having everyone watching and commenting on our life is extremely hard. If I could stop it I would because it feels terrible. We try to stay away from it but can’t help that its shoved in our faces. So please, if youre a supporter, please spread the good around cause its nice to have friends when things go awry. And for the haters, Im sure we’re not the only ones you’re hurting. I would hope people are never this mean to you because it makes things so much harder……You’re human and so are we. Nothing different.

God Bless

~~~Hey this is Brookes friend and passenger, I just wanted to say that Brooke basically saved my life by making me wear my seat belt ….She is such a great friend and a good person! You all should know that! check out what I have to say on my MySpace… I’m on her top friends : La♥La

All it took for her to follow basic driving safety was seeing her brother go to jail for turning his friend into a vegetable. John Graziano must be honored. If what happened to Nick Hogan happened to everyone, there would be a lot less serious injuries from not wearing a seat belt. I mean, if you discount those initial accidents which needed to take place to teach this valuable lesson, then there would be a lot less. But it may also be because there would then be a lot less people on the road. Whatever. You know what I mean. Brooke Hogan is an idiot.

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13 years ago

Brooke did nothing to deserve ‘bad karma’…what did she do, you can’t name one thing. Be born into a family with money and a big name….I guess she deserves to be hit by a car because of that! Brooke is a very giving and caring person if you know her. She has become a very careful driver and makes sure not only herself but her passengers as well wear their seat belts because she learned first hand what happens to people who don’t wear their seat belts. It wasn’t Nicks fault his passenger didn’t wear his seat belt by the… Read more »

car accident ireland
11 years ago

thank god… she is safe….

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