Charlie Sheen says Denise is rich, bitch

Denise Richards went on Today, The View and Larry King Live to promote her new reality show. She explained that the only reason she agreed to sign on was to support her daughters. Charlie Sheen, however, says that’s a total lie. That Denise is given $52,000 a month in tax-free child support and that she is using their children as celebrity child laborers. Page Six reports:

In addition to the child support, Richards got $60,000 a month (also tax-free) for two years in alimony – adding up to a whopping $1.44 million. Richards also gets a chunk of Sheen’s hot sitcom, “Two and a Half Men,” which “eventually will net her up to $25 million,” the source said.

Excuse me Charlie Sheen. You just don’t know what it takes to properly raise two children. While you’re out with your cheerleader hookers, Denise is scrounging the isles for Beluga caviar, ostrich eggs and King Crab legs for her, no, your two starving kids, Lola and Sam. How do you expect $52,000 a month to keep them from developing that swollen belly you see on kids from impoverished African nations or receive daily tutoring from PhD professors? You tell me how, mister.

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12 years ago

Denise Richards is the biggest bitch I have ever seen. She greatly over-emphasized her self worth and is rude, cold and the looks that she makes are so unattractive. I feel for Charlie Sheen for putting up with her for as long as he did. He may not be ideal, but he has alot more substance that this ungrateful bitch!

9 years ago

I think she is cool,I read her face book post alot and she seems down to earth and is caring.I want to marry her even if I would have to 100% show im a man not just a good looking stud wannabe.

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