Winner: The Fall giveaway

Winner for The Fall‘s coffee table book is John Humphreys with: “Your sex fantasy is ready Mr. Cruise.” Respond to my email in 48 hours or else!

Tarsem Singh, best know for The Cell, has a new moving opening today in LA and NY called The Fall. It’s trippy and you should go watch it or at least watch the trailer for it (above). I’m not sure if there’s even a plot because it looks like one bad acid trip, but IMDB says:

In a hospital on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an injured stuntman (Pace) begins to tell a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm (Untaru), a fantastical story about 5 mythical heroes. Thanks to his fractured state of mind and her vivid imagination, the line between fiction and reality starts to blur as the tale advances.

And now I’m giving away a coffee table book of a bunch of images from The Fall. It is “one coffee table book of all the amazing images from THE FALL hardbound and signed by filmmaker Tarsem and star Lee Pace, these books are not for sale and will be collector items. The book is AMAZING and the images are gorgeous.”

As usual, it will be a caption contest. This one ends May 13, 2008. Picture below.

The Fall

Rules are simple:

  1. Come up with a witty caption for the picture above
  2. Write it down as a comment (preferred) using/leaving a valid e-mail address or email it to me at theblemish (at) with the subject “The Fall contest”.
  3. Watch the movie.

Only one winner will be chosen this time.

  • monkee

    hey.. where the hell is my tango partner!?

  • Rast

    new taco bell menu item… Small fry!!

  • Deldo

    You’re trying to tell me that this is my clone!?

  • Dre

    Dad, when I said you could come to the junior bullfighter’s father/son picnic……

  • skynet

    Dr. Clavier and his illustrious Mini-Key.

  • Timothy Selig

    Who says it’s too late to run in the presidential election

  • lancercrombie

    Michael Jackson and his son on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine

  • Rast

    why is tom cruise wearing a mask??

  • F

    In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out. This week, our designers update a classical fashion for the YMCA Big Brother’s association.

    Make it work!

  • Xtar

    Stem cell research participants needed.

  • camatha yuen

    Keep up Ol’Midgee, we shan’t be late for Miss Abdul’s recruitment event into the Diabolic Association for Celebrity, I mean Scientology.

  • Steve

    “You take the one on the left I’ll get the one on the right”

  • Heroic

    You think its scary walking into the forest, I have to walk back out of the forest alone…

  • Dave

    Alright son, are you ready for the whore house?

  • crr

    Batman & Robin hit a gay club in Mexico.

  • capt. cornhole

    “Say Hello to my L’ll Friend!”

  • New Summer fashions for Father and Son, only at Old Navy!

  • “Say hello to my little friend!”

  • nuke that^

  • Steve

    Zorro always looked up to his bigger brother….Antonio Banderas!!!




    I’m gonna show you how to pick up some bitches…WAIT U R ONE. I said give me a kid I can mold into me and they give me a girl…I’M NOT GAY!!!!!

  • Jean

    Anything you can gay, I can gay better!

  • I am so sad that I missed my shot at this thing :/

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