Does not compute

Mel Gibson and Britney Spears used to live in the same Malibu community before Mel had to move because of the constant paparazzi and helicopters eager to get a shot of the fallen pop star. In March, the two were seen having dinner at Studio City’s Romanov restaurant. Today, ET learns that Mel Gibson has taken Britney and her father, Jamie, on vacation with him to Costa Rica where they will be guests at his home.

If any of you can make sense of this, please enlighten me. These two have nothing in common. Mel Gibson is/was a decent actor and Britney is a thick legged 26-year-old train wreck. What could possibly bring these two together? Love of God? Love of Costa Rica? Love of cake?

Also, as previously mentioned, people believe Britney’s pregnant again because of her expanding waist, the fact that she’s always hiding her stomach with her purse and has been going to Bally Total Fitness for a few weeks, but is actually gaining weight. This leads me to believe Britney’s having Mel Gibson’s lovechild. You heard it hear first! Exclusive! That’s what that word means, right? Do you think by putting more exclamation marks people will believe me? What am I saying, of course they will. Exclusive!!!!!!!!

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Trevor "Saint Nightwalker" Valle
Trevor "Saint Nightwalker" Valle
15 years ago

You are a vile scumclown and I pray that you get non-operable liver, bone and brain cancer which kills you slowly and oh so excruciatingly painfully over the course of 4-5 years.

I pray for this hourly.